- Branding with Intention -

We believe in branding with intention. With purpose, focus, and a clear vision.
That’s why we start by understanding your brand, what makes it unique, and why people should care.
We create a strategy that sets your intention for everything that follows, helping your brand become a living, breathing business asset.
Then comes the creative part – we help you express your brand through tangible tools that connect with your audiences. 
So it can be heard – and understood – precisely the way it was intended.
Ready to create a purpose-driven brand?
Let’s get started.
As the founder and creative director of One Design NYC, I help brands and organizations accelerate their business growth by providing strategic brand identities. I believe that the power of design lies in its ability to generate emotions before they can be translated into intellectual thoughts. Branding is about creating an expression that is relevant, compelling and unique. For this to happen the combination of intelligence, creativity, excellent craft and courage all need to exist. 
Orna Navon 
Founder & Creative Director
Some of the clients I've worked with:
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