Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) is renowned for its legacy of discovery in pediatric medicine that is nothing short of miraculous.
In the face of a challenging and changing healthcare landscape, CHOP’s overall strategy began to shift and the organization saw an opportunity to leverage its brand as a means to grow and continue leading the way in pediatric medicine. CHOP needed to evolve in a way that was meaningful to broader groups of children and families that it serves without diluting the majesty of the organization’s legacy of breakthroughs.
It started with thinking about innovation in a different way, pushing the definition beyond scientific discovery and medical advances to all aspects of what the organization does, like the experience that CHOP creates for patients and their families. This new thinking resulted in a key insight from which to build the brand: a breakthrough can mean something very different to every child that CHOP serves.  And breakthroughs, both large and small, were happening every day at CHOP.
By repositioning around this idea, CHOP created a new identity, one worthy of its leadership status while also making innovation and breakthroughs something that all members of the organization were responsible for delivering on. Decision-tools were developed to create a clear process for strategic partnerships and acquisitions. 
The new look & feel is open and bright and always allows some white space that is representing the way in which breakthroughs appear. It represents the space to create, to innovate and the ability to pause in order to recognize a true moment of breakthrough. The logo has been refreshed and modernized, and the messages and tone of voice were crafted to highlight the many aspects of breakthroughs.   
Brand activation was rooted in employee engagement and training. The new CHOP brand successfully launched in the fall of 2016.

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